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I grew a lot as a writer in the 8–14 years between these books and my newer ones; that's why I changed my penname to my full first name for the newer ones.  Still, although they are not up to my current standard, I believe these are solid books and deserve to be read.  So if you do decide to pick one up . . . enjoy.



age 17

The Fifth Tunnel5.jpg

Endless Time and Endless Water 

Being dumped in the Waste Pit is supposedly the worst punishment ever. But when Maeron Sharp swims beneath the Waste Pit's murky beginning, he finds a magnificent system of tunnels and caverns in which the water is breathable. Deeply tempted by each new mystery the Waste Pit has to offer, Maeron spends more and more time exploring underwater. And it might just be a quality of the waters, but the longer Maeron stays down, the harder it is even to want to leave.



age 19


Always Turn Left.

Monsters Are Everywhere.

Names Are Important.

The Magus family has always lived in Swallowgate: charming Uncle Jordan, terrifying Aunt Mara, and now Mort, his mother, and his sister Anastasia. Mort soon discovers the strange and magical nature of Swallowgate House, but he isn’t terribly worried even by the monsters. The adults won’t let him be harmed. Everything will be all right.

It’s not.

Suddenly, not even the crawlspaces that honeycomb the walls are safe. With enemies on all sides, Mort isn’t sure he can keep protecting his sister . . . or even himself.



age 21

revised edition kindle.jpg

An enchanter in a land where almost all magic is illegal, Stephen finds himself falsely accused and sentenced to death. Moments before Stephen is to be beheaded, the executioner turns on the guards and rescues him. In return, the executioner demands that Stephen join a band of bounty hunters and use his enchanting powers to create fighting monsters. Given little choice in the matter, Stephen reluctantly agrees, not knowing that the company’s quarry is the most perilous monster of all.



age 22


There are 18 magic shops on Widdershins Lane, each stranger than the last. Logan Logic lives in Number 17.

He thinks he’s already met the most peculiar, dangerous, and scheming people imaginable.

Then the masters start showing up.



age 23

Wizard Deceased.jpg

Edward Castell is dead. The official verdict is heart failure.

The official verdict is wrong.

Within two weeks, Edward's granddaughter Acacia and her parents move into 11 Whispering Pines Road. Acacia soon meets Quietus, a young necromancer who struggles with his inability to kill animals, and his sister Yvonne, who likes to kill animals rather too much. Together, they investigate Edward’s death. It has something to do with the shadow haunting the wizard’s house. And the people who keep disappearing on Whispering Pines Road. And the room behind the hidden door in Acacia’s bedroom.



age 12–28

Day the Exclamation Marks Came.jpg

- Have you ever caught a falling star and put it in your pocket?

- Can a woman take out life insurance on a tree?

- Do monsters really live under your bed? How can you fight them?

- Is making a deal with a djinni a good idea? How about a ghoul?

- How does a stuffed animal escape a washing machine? Or a convict a Martian penal colony?

- Would you like to fly?

The Day the Exclamation Marks Came and Other Stories and Poems is a collection ranging from humorous to horrifying, romantic to sarcastic, speculative to—no. It's never mundane.

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